What does one expect to see at a place that is famous for it’s art and beautiful craftsmanship? Well, I expected to see hordes of artisans working passionately with their tools. I was excited to see their hands at work churning out beauties. I wanted the greenery and cool breeze of the village to touch me. I was flabbergasted by what I saw!

I saw greenery alright, but I also only saw a battered old board saying Etikoppaka Toys Museum and just next to it,I saw a brightly coloured, freshly printed, larger than life cut outs of Power star Pawan Kalyan and Megastar Chiranjeevi.

One of the posters said “”Did you watch Pawan’s movie?” is not the right question to be asked, “how many times did you watch his movie?” is the right one!”

It was then that I realised that I was there on the day when Khaidi No.150 got released.

Just beside these posters, right in front of the villagers houses, there were piles of sewage taken out from the drains in front of each house. Pigs and dogs were feasting over them, there were flies buzzing around and little children playing in these very same dirt pools!

The parents of the kids were not bothered by this scene at all. Only a couple of elderly people dragged the kids aways from the sewage once in awhile. There was no concept of washing your hands and feet when you come home from playing outside.I was very worried about people’s lack of sensitivity towards hygiene.

What got me thinking was that, the villagers pooled money to print these larger than life movie flex banners to be put up all over the village but did not have enough money or motivation to clean up their own verandahs and work rooms. They say that it’s the government’s duty to do the cleaning.

Now, a question arises in my mind,do the actors even know what these people in a remote village are doing with their money, does it even matter? I think the villagers feel that the money is well spent because it brings entertainment and gives them a sense of belonging when they identify themselves with Pawanism/ Megastar Fans Association.

-Vandyaa | Bosslady, Ishma