Dramatizing the Hindu epics in the times before television, the Indian art form of ‘Tholu Bommalata’ (Leather puppetry) holds clues to our traditions and history through its artefacts…
Inspired by the beauty of the art-form and noticing the plight of artisans trying to keep the craft alive and make a living, we at Ishma took a step towards reviving this age-old craft through design and innovation. The overwhelming intricacy and the effort artisans take to create each of these handcrafted beauties left us intrigued during our visit to Nimmalakunta, a peaceful little village in Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh.
At the artisan’s home-cum-workshop, with sheets of leather and paint all around we settled down to learn and absorb everything we could about the craft right from the people giving it life..their history, making, the artisans and their experiences.
Combined with these learnings, research and hours of working together over days, we’ve come up with a collection of beautiful fashion accessories for the women of today. Let us know what you think <3

Thanks Ajab for the Amaaazing Blog and the Photoshoot :*
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-Rekha, Bosslady
Ishma Accessories